Saturday, 26 December 2015

Confessions of My Christmas Love Story

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you had a great time with your loved ones!

This is a post to share with you guys what Christmas means to me, and to share with you my story that is so close to my heart.

I've always loved Christmas since I was a little girl, I always treasure the great times with my family, putting up our Christmas tree, unboxing presents, having roast turkey and just.. the presence and quality time spent with loved ones. I still remember spending Christmas in Australia with my relatives and family when I was just six years old, having a great Christmas meal together, plenty of presents under the Christmas tree to unbox, the laughter and the fun that we had... That will always be the best memories of Christmas I will ever have. No pictures to share, but just the fond memories in my head that will never be erased.

And today, I'm glad that Christmas will continue to be the most meaningful season for me!
Let me share with you my story of Christmas from 3 years ago. It is pretty crazy thinking about how things have turned out to be, in a good way, and it always give me goosebumps!
Do you know that I got to know Joseph (my boyfriend) because of Christmas, and do you know that I started being on Youtube because of Christmas?

It all started because of this Christmas video below! If you haven't watched it, here it is!

That was three years ago! This video is the reason why, and how I met my boyfriend today.
Vince Chong, the singer of this song, casted me to be in this video together with Joseph.
Watching it now gives me butterflies in the stomach, knowing that we were just friends back then and it was all acting! Honestly, we were both in our respective relationships with someone else, and we never thought we would be a couple!
And this was how I step foot in Youtube and how I started to work with other Youtubers too.

As time went by, Joseph and I were still just normal friends, leading our own lives respectively.
I still remember how we would sometimes talk about life, and talk about how we would one day meet someone that we would truly love. At that point of time, we would share with each other our stories, and how we were 'numb' in relationships already, and maybe focus in our own career.
As crazy / cheesy as it sounds, but we accidentally fell for each other a year later.
I still find it hard to believe, but it just happened unplanned, unexpectedly.

And at that point of time, my plan was to go to Dubai for work for at least a year, and we weren't sure if it was the right time to start a relationship. But everything just felt right between us, so we just gave it a try anyway. And today, I'm so glad we made that decision. :)

Of course, we had a crazy rough time, especially in social media. Many fans disapprove our relationship, even up to a point where they created memes and so on..
For those who were with us during the time when we first shared our relationship publicly, you would remember what a huge hoo-hah it was.
Well, some fans thought that another guy was better for me, that I should be with this other person, up to a point where some of them started creating stories, such as Joseph stole me away from another friend, he is a player, or things like, I chose Joseph because he has more money (??!!??) and that I'm a gold digger.  Ridiculous!

Honestly, I can't control what fans or people think, but only I know who I truly want to be with, only I know how I feel, and only I know how true and genuine is the love between Joseph and I.
Fans only see things from the screen, see things from videos. They have to know that those are not REAL LIFE.
I honestly never planned to share this on my blog, but all these thoughts just came as I'm writing this blogpost. And I just have to say that Joseph is genuinely such a great person with a big heart. Maybe a year ago, some people could say that "Oh, you guys just started... or Oh.. wait til he shows his true colours.." But now, nobody could say that they know this person better than I do (maybe except his mum, lol), but I feel happy being with him!
And since I've said up to this point, I just want to say again that, we mean no harm to anybody, all that has happened is just that we fell in love with each other.

Okay, back to my love story! :D
This was us, last year during Christmas. We officially got together during Christmas :)

Candlelight service in church during Christmas Eve :)

And our first Christmas party together with close friends!

After a year being together, the history repeats :)  Happy one year to us! And a very happy Christmas with loved ones! :)


Christmas has been great, and I'm looking forward to many many more Christmas with family and friends <3

Here's also a recent video that I did, sharing with you guys my Christmas favorites :) Do subscribe to my Youtube channel for more videos!

Merry Christmas! xx


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