Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Biogenesis Clinic - Sharing a secret to my radiant smooth skin !

I am thankful that I generally have rather good skin (good genes thanks to mama and papa!) - generally no pimples or breakouts unless special 'occasions' hahahaa, such as ' girls' time of the month ' or when my friend, 'pimple' just so happen invites itself and say hello randomly -_-
But i have to admit, those special occasions are really rare, and I'm thankful for that :)

But hey, sometimes because of this advantage, I tend to take it for granted and neglect my skin...
And there comes the punishment of my negligence and ignorance :(
My skin would look dull and dry, super rough, sometimes flaky...
What makes it worse is the hot sunny weather that I live in, I start to get pigmentations, especially my skin is really thin..D:

Well, age is catching up...I know i know.. i'm still considered young...
but mama said prevention is better than cure, skin has to be taken care of since young, it's like an investment for a well maintained great looking skin in the future! lol dont laugh, i'm serious and its true!
No point having good skin if you don't take care of it, you will seriously regret in the future.
Hence, I start to discipline myself to use facial products daily, when I wake up and before I go to bed - 3 basics for now - cleanser, toner, moisturiser.

However, I still feel something is lacking, and my mum did advise me to go for facials. But the thing is I'm pretty skeptical when going for facials, especially beauticians that always hard sell me with their products that I clearly do not need, and some would act like doctors , saying I need this laser treatment and that treatment.. And sometimes when my eyes were closed and in the midst of the facial, they would again try to 'con' me and asked me if I want an upgrade of this and that -_-
Okay, I'm sure not all facial places are like that, but because of my experience, I would shun from these centres.

Not until I found my favourite facial centre, Biogenesis Clinic! :)
As the name says, it is not just a facial centre but a leading provider of advanced medical aesthetics center, offering anti-aging, advanced cosmetic dermatology and aesthetic skincare using clinical strength products and state of the art technologies delivered by in-house doctors. Well, it was really reassuring for me, especially when I got a consultation from their doctor before any treatment programmed :) Not to forget that the doctor and the other consultants are really friendly and helpful as well :)

They have a variety of high technology medical aesthetics treatments from hair, face, to body and anti-aging. I had the privilege to be treated with their special face treatments recently, such as their Intraceuticals Hyperbaric Oxygen Technology, used by celebrities like Madonna herself and dermatologists all over the world , which gave instant results (!) , but today, I will start by sharing my signature facial treatment at Biogenesis Clinic. 

The signature facial treatments in Biogenesis Clinic use Phytomer, a brand from France which invented marine cosmetics using the best of sea ingredients to develop sensory-stimulating and highly effective products... And sure it does! I enjoyed the one hour facial treatment, super relaxing and soothing :)

They have different facial treatments depending on our skin types, but I first tried the 60-minutes Quenching Moisturizing Treatment for Dehydrated skin. My skin is towards the dry side, hence the tendency of being flaky and dry, instead of getting pimples or breakouts.

Let me take you step by step, my 60 minutes of pure relaxation :)

1) The therapist started by applying essential oil on my face, and then cleansing using cleansing milk , it          has a silky texture that melts onto the skin to gently remove makeup and impurities. 

2) Next, she applied Phytomer's Vegetal Exfoliant with Natural Enzymes, ideal for sensitive skin. 

3) This 3rd step was one of my favourites! It was a pore heating mask applied on my face for blackheads, but it felt so good on my face. After seconds, it was kinda interesting where I felt heat on my face as well, super comfortable and relaxing :) 
My face was then left to be relaxed for about 10 minutes, so comfortable that I wanted to just fall asleep haha. 

4) Next procedure was the extraction, and then she applied a hydrating serum on my face after, which was super cooling, could feel like a breeze of radiance lighting up my skin.

5)  I was also given a face and neck massage, while applying Phytomer's massage cream. 
     Tell you, the massage was goooooooddd. I thought of going for a massage that week, but well, I            didn't need to no more. I had facial & massage 2-in-1 . 

6) Final Step - The therapist put on a hydrating mask for me, and I got a final shoulder massage. 

Facial at Biogenesis Clinic definitely completes my beauty regime!

Most definitely, it is mandatory to wash my face daily, but I realised how important it is to protect and preserve the youthfulness in our skin before we age, and hence, going for facial once a month became part of my beauty regime!

Thank you Biogenesis Clinic for giving me amazing service with great quality :)

Their signature facials by Phytomer is RM150 at first trial!

For more info on their facials and their many other services, 

click HERE to view their website. 

Like I mentioned above, I went for some of their other special face treatments, such as the 

LED Microdermabrasion- The exfoliation process which buffs the skin and combined with LED light for some bactericidal, skin lightening and tightening effect. The results- a more refined, clearer, even toned skin.  

Yeap! In short, this LED Light Therapy helps to stimulate collagen, improve skin texture and tone, and combats signs of aging to name a few. 

I will explain more to you on the whole process on my next beauty post! :)

Or, you could go to their website http://biogenesis.com.my/ for more info!

BioGenesis Clinic

Unit A-0-1 & A-1-1 Plaza Damas Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,Sri Hartamas 50480, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
+603-6201 7091

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