Tuesday, 21 July 2015

PORTO Portugal with my travel buddies

Today's post is a major throwback travel experience, but I really think it's worth sharing, so here it is! Porto is the 2nd largest city in Portugal, after Lisbon, and is one of the oldest European centre. Also, proclaimed as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. I know, travelling to Porto is pretty hipster, and to be honest it wouldn't make the cut to be in my list to travel if I was based in Malaysia. However, I had the chance to do this when I was studying in UK, so it was definitely much cheaper and easier to travel to Europe. With no expectations, I came back with contentment and fulfilment. It is true that sometimes, when you travel to a place less touristy, you could genuinely absorb and experience the city and the culture.
So here i bring to you- Porto!

Pretty isn't it? Sadly, I didn't take those pictures above lol. Stole them online :P But anyway, that, definitely is Porto. There is really something about European architecture that amazes me. Old but completely beautiful... classic. And i really hope they can be preserved as long as possible!

Now, let me show you the pictures that I've taken :D
Perfect timing- Sunset witnessed. This was taken steps away from a famous cathedral in Porto.

See that bird I caught flying majestically hehe. Not bad right , my skills :P 

Warning: My chubby self. I was definitely much chubbier back then D: D: 

Meet my UK travel buddies! :) Love the photos with the pretty sun ray!

And the cathedral below, there you go! 

I really enjoy just strolling on the streets, observing how the locals live, seeing their lifestyles. I could see that most of the locals in Porto live very simple lives, most of them still live in centuries old buildings. They may look pretty run down, but i can say that there is a beauty in these buildings.
Look at the cute plushy being hung and dried!
And the amazing thing about traveling in Porto is how safe we felt, surprisingly! It wasn't like being in the bigger cities, with plenty of gypsies or pickpockets.
We were first skeptical when we got lost at the town, and someone came to help us with directions.
But it really turned out that the locals which we encountered were very genuine and friendly, just simply living simple lives.

European countries are famous for their beautiful cathedrals, and here in Porto you could find astonishing ones too! This one that we chanced upon, have a magnificent set of baroque cravings, silver altars and paintings. Named St. Francis Church, it is the perfect example of a gothic architecture, fully gold plated!

We ended the cathedral trip with Magnum icecream! Magnum and Wall's is really popular here!

We headed to the city centre of Porto and the architecture looks very similar to the UK & the other European major cities that I've been to, such as Paris or Italy. The classic European structures, always beautiful. 

The shopping streets!

And the famous Majestic Cafe for high tea, beautiful English looking interior.

Not forgetting the food here! Porto's most popular snack is this 'Frencesinha', a sandwich with several meats, covered with cheese and their special sauce made with beer and tomato sauce. Super sinful D:
But we had this almost everyday for brunch, lol.

Porto is also known for their fresh seafood, especially their famous cod fish. Really simple, but very fresh!

But the most surprising finding was the Wall's Carte D'or desserts. Yes it's Wall's but they were so very good that we went back to the restaurant on our last day, craving for more of the desserts!

So there you go! Tried my best to sum up my trip in Porto. Well, pictures do speak a thousand words, so I let them do the talking! :) Plus, it was actually 2 years ago, so it's amazing how pictures could bring back fond memories.



  1. the pictures you took by yourself actually much better than the picts you took from online lol
    isn't that the famous clerigos tower standing top behind in the pictures you took by yourself, wow awesome!
    Porto surely one of the most beautiful city, classic yet so classy
    never know it until read this. only know Porto football club haha. thanks.

  2. WOW.. Porto!! I didn't know you traveled to Portugal..
    Glad to see you enjoyed Portugal, i am from Portugal (city Guarda).. hehe
    I am a fan of JinnyboyTV.. :)


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